Weekly Recap

I know it’s a Monday, and I promised these would be on Sundays. School is INSANE right now, and I’m lucky to have a minute to post anything today.

Not much has changed really, except for housing. My housing plan has been turned upside down a few times, but we’re finally (almost) set in stone!

I thought that I had found a roommate to live with off-site. He was some guy who had posted on the CP facebook group looking for off-site roommates, and I immediately responded. After talking to him for a day or so, he backed out (kind of, he told me he was still deciding). Of course I told him not to worry about it, but I was pretty upset. I started to feel hopeless, like I was going to live in Disney housing and be unhappy for 6 months. But then I found Garrett and Heather.

Garrett and Heather are also Clemson students, both graduating in May. Garrett is in Mechanical Engineering (like me) and Heather is in English (like Austin). They are awesome! They’re both doing College Program! (Garrett is in Custodial and Heather is a Photopass Photographer!) And they’ve agreed to live in an off-site apartment with me! I talked to Garrett on Friday, we had lunch with them on Sunday, and now we’re already in the process of applying for an apartment. It’s been a whirlwind, but man are we excited.

We’re applying to Alexandria Parc Vue, which is about 2 steps east of Fort Wilderness. It’s SO close to Disney. We’re getting a 2/2 with a washer and dryer for ~1000/month. The reason I’m divulging this information is so that people in the same situation can know what they should be looking for. For a nice unfurnished 2 bedroom in the greater Disney area, $1000 is a pretty good price for a 12 month lease. Even on our tiny salaries, it’s affordable when split between 3 of us. We’ll be working out the details over the next month, but the plan for me is to move in the Saturday before work starts (May 25).

I am so glad that this worked out. It solves so many problems. I can breathe a little easier knowing that I have one less thing to worry about during this crazy time. Countdown to senior design final presentation: 10 days. We’re almost there!