Weekly Recap

Yeah, Disney, right.

In the past few posts, I’ve complained a little about school. Those weeks were honestly nothing compared to this past week. School is kicking my butt. I’m almost done, but I can’t even muster enough energy to be excited. This is how I have felt pretty much all week:

“It can’t get any worse, can it?”

Thankfully this upcoming week looks a lot better.

So in this fog that is the last weeks of school, I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel (sometimes). Updates.


I got my acceptance postcard for CP in the mail yesterday! It says “Congratulations, Leslie!” and has a picture of the castle. It’s pretty cute. I hung it on my wall!

I also got my onboarding paperwork. From what I understand, I have to fill out some forms and bring them to check in. School has not offered me the chance to actually fill out the paperwork yet, so I’ll keep you updated as that progresses. I think it’s mostly reading Disney policies and signing forms that say I can handle that.

Housing is going ok. We got approved by our apartment complex, but we still need to be approved by Disney. Also, our apartment complex needs proof of employment, and I’ve emailed and called Disney, but they won’t send me anything. So I’m still working on that. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have some time to take care of some of these things. I haven’t asked Garrett and Heather if they’ve gotten any further than me, seeing as how I don’t really talk to anyone outside of my teammates anymore. I’ll try to touch base with them this week.

So here’s essentially what’s happening: things are still moving behind the scenes, but I’ve had to be very hands-off this week. Next week hopefully I’ll have more to report.